Past Project Teams
Sustainable Business Achievement Ratings (2006-2008)
Rory Bakke, Senior Program Manager, StopWaste.Org (Team Leader)
Gil Friend, President & CEO, Natural Logic Inc.
David Johnston, President, What's Working LLC
Justin Lehrer, Program Manager, StopWaste.Org
Joel Makower, Founder,
Kimery Wiltshire, President & CEO, Exloco
Dianne Wood, President, National Environmental Education & Training Foundation
Wm. C. Kenney Foundation Board of Directors (1994-2004)
Linda Cloud
Denise Fort, University of New Mexico Law School
Chip Kenney
Jay Kenney
Mary Peterson
Jim Owens, Brainerd Foundation
Lani Shaw, General Service Foundation
Nancy Snow
Kimery Wiltshire
Humphrey Wou
Diversity Network Project Steering Committee (2001 - 2003)
Michael Fischer & Rhea Suh, Hewlett Foundation
Jane Rogers & Anuja Mendiratti, San Francisco Foundation
Tom Layton & Stacy Ma'a, Gerbode Foundation
Kimery Wiltshire & Omowale Satterwhite, Exloco
Resources for Community Collaboration Advisory Council (1998 - 2003)
Teresa Erickson, Northern Plains Resource Council
Michael Fischer & Steve Toben, Hewlett Foundation
Anne Fitzgerald
Bill Hedden, Grand Canyon Trust
Ed Marston, High Country News
Jim Owens, Brainerd Foundation
Kimery Wiltshire, Exloco
Western Water Alliance Steering Committee (2000 - 2004)
David Bayles, Pacific Rivers Council
Liz Birnbaum, American Rivers
John Echohawk, Native American Rights Fund
Steve Ellis, Taxpayers for Common Sense
Denise Fort, University of New Mexico Law School
Merritt Frey, Utah Rivers Council
Kara Gillon, Defenders of Wildlife
Steve Malloch, Trout Unlimited & Alliance Executive Director
Bill Mitchell, Brainerd Foundation
Barry Nelson, Natural Resources Defense Council
Lani Shaw, General Service Foundation
Tracy Stone Manning, Clark Fork Coalition
Kimery Wiltshire, Kenney Foundation & Exloco