About Exloco
A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, Exloco was founded in 2000 by board members of the Wm. C. Kenney Foundation. The mission of Exloco is to incubate new models, strategies and solutions to ensure that the lands and waters of the American West are managed sustainably and equitably.
Partnering with social change organizations, public agencies, venture philanthropists, and corporations, Exloco identifies situations that need new approaches, researches and analyzes the context and environment, develops a network of the best thinkers and decision makers, builds leadership, and provides a solution-focused process to craft new strategies and solutions.
In its first three years, Exloco developed and managed the Kenney Foundation and completed incubation and transfer of three projects: Diversity Network Project, Resources for Community Collaboration, and the Western Water Alliance.
While western water issues are often the focus of Exloco's work, past projects include developing a unified standard ratings system for sustainable businesses and agencies, a centerpiece initiative on the environment for the Girl Scouts, and supporting emerging intersections between social justice, housing, environmental justice and public transit organizations in the Bay Area.
Exloco's current projects include: the Carpe Diem - Western Water & Climate Change Project, the Merger Project, the Collaborative Environmental Leadership Project, and the Knitting Networks Project.